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Re: Stockmens\Stockman's Chips
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Just read the note again. "Dollar with the metal center..." What's that? As long as it was/is common, I should get one. But I don't even recognize the chip.

Guess it's time to invest in TCR five.

Elko is fun, as are other small town Nevada. These chips can be rare on Monday and found by the buckets on Tuesday. Bill and Dan's Saloon comes to mind. One day they are history, the next, it seems like every dealer is selling them. (for a premium price, I should add) Someone must have found the Mother Load!

Larger Corporate operations are not the same scenario. You aren't going to find Dan, at home, with 1,000 chips. (say didn't they make this into a great adventure?) Same goes for Ranchinn, which is a Horseshoe mold. You can find unused, like new, $5 chips with ease. Yet Stockmen's, Commercial, Red Lion or Gold Country, don't spring a leak...

The whole point of this, is that small joints, appear hard finds, but can be common, while larger places, appear common, and are actually harder to find.

As people try to fill holes in collections, this will balance out.

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Re: Stockmens\Stockman's Chips
Re: Stockmens\Stockman's Chips
Re: Stockmens\Stockman's Chips
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