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Yep. Should be awesome.

At last check I was going to be on a rooftop to watch the game. That could change. I would much rather be inside the ball park even though I usually don't go there unless the sox are playing. They have looked great the last 10 games but I still don't think they are quite there in terms of being better than detroit, at least not on a consistent basis. I haven't been around as long as 1961 but close 1962. I do remember the other good teams and the old barn. Did you place a wager on them to win the cup at the begining of the year? don't know what the odds were but not a real bad bet.

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Extra! Contest Extra!
Blackhawks 6/42
Red Wings 6/50
Red Wings/7/36
Red Wings/54
Red Wings 7/54
Red Wings / 7 / 42
Red Wings/ 5/38
Red Wings/4/41
Winner Winner..4-0 final
Thank you Bill, Good Contest!!!!!
Re: Thank you Bill, Good Contest!!!!!
Re: Thank you Bill, Good Contest!!!!!
Carter and Gagne certianly fun to watch...
Just need some consistant goaltending....
RED WINGS / 3 / 26
Red Wings / 8 / 45
you said it going to be there thurs?
Yep. Should be awesome.
Re: Yep. Should be awesome.
Is that game on TV anywhere?
Re: Is that game on TV anywhere?
Jay 12 noon NBC
Thank You
Red Wings/7/41 (PhyllisSpagnola R-5866)
Re: Extra! Contest Extra!

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