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Re: Merry Christmas to you Bob!
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Dear Bob,
Yes will do, maybe Daytona early January but not confirmed yet.
Yes those travel checks, I can understand it, but what is hard for me to understand is that TSA and/or boarder security can 'take' your laptop and copy the harddrive and check what is on it !!!!!
1 of the European drivers who drive in US had it happend to him, and the TSA guys where laughing with envy and saying so Mr xxx you make 35kUS$ for this race in Atlanta Raceway..., some things are private and personal, I have NO issues with them checking my bags/laptop for explosives or stuff but what is on my hard drive (invoices, pictures etc) is private and should remain so.

But that is the price we pay when we travel, strangely enough last week the Emigration guy put his 21st USA entry stamp (over the last 3 years) next to the one from Dubai from last month... grin grin grin

Hope to meet you at some racetrack, but you are into a differant kind of racing than I am, but you never know. Did look for you at PRI in Orlando but did not see you.

Kind regards,
Belgium Bob

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Merry Christmas to you too, my friend!! grin
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Merry Christmas to you Bob!
Re: Merry Christmas to you Bob!
you too Andy !
Merry Christmas, bro...
grin Happy Holidays Andy grin

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