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Merry Christmas to you too my LV friend
In Response To: Merry Christmas everyone! grin ()

Hopefully we meet up this year.
Keep you eye out for any St Patrick day chips with the date on it !! I have reduced my collection to that.
Was a Florida last week and felt ok to come to the USA again, although don't agree with some of you 'procedures' but at least with your new President comming, it feels ok again...

A Merry Christmas to all on the Chipboard

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Merry Christmas everyone! grin
Merry Christmas, Andy! grin
Re: Merry Christmas Andy
Merry Christmas to you too, my friend!! grin
Merry Christmas Andy and everyone !!
Merry Christmas to you too my LV friend
Hi Bob! grin Merry Christmas! I hope...
Merry Christmas to you Bob!
Re: Merry Christmas to you Bob!
you too Andy !
Merry Christmas, bro...
grin Happy Holidays Andy grin

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