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Merry Christmas to you Bob!

Those travel procedures are a pain. I get my carry-on computer bag given a re-run through the x-ray or totally emptied for a visual inspection at least half the time I go through airport security because I pack data converters and other peripherals that no one else with a laptop does, so the screeners don't know what they are looking at. When I first started flying with a laptop as carry-on luggage (1996), airport security made you turn it on (boot up) to prove it was actually a computer, every time you went through security! My Toshiba 486-75 running Windows 3.1 would take what seemed like forever to boot up. That was well before the twin tower attacks!

Please do let me know if and when you might be just about anywhere in America this year. I'm all over this country when the weather is warm and racing is happening. grin

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Merry Christmas everyone! grin
Merry Christmas, Andy! grin
Re: Merry Christmas Andy
Merry Christmas to you too, my friend!! grin
Merry Christmas Andy and everyone !!
Merry Christmas to you too my LV friend
Hi Bob! grin Merry Christmas! I hope...
Merry Christmas to you Bob!
Re: Merry Christmas to you Bob!
you too Andy !
Merry Christmas, bro...
grin Happy Holidays Andy grin

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