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Report on the BIG Casino Auction !!!

Well it is OVER !!! The BIG Casino Auction went off as planned on Wednesday December 5, 2018 at Bodnar's Auction in Edison, NJ.
Shown below are pictures of the set up I did before the Auction. I spent over 12 hours Monday and Tuesday getting everything together for the Auction. I was proud of how good the display of items looked prior to the Sale. As I said in an earlier post, there was over 130 feet of table spaced covered with Stuff and after the tables of Stuff were sold another 60 to 70 box lots of Stuff was brought up from under the tables and also sold.
I sold $1000s and $1000s of stuff and at the end of the sale box lots of ashtrays, glassware etc were selling for $5.00 for 4 0r 5 boxes at a time. Also there were probably 30 to 40 boxes of stuff that did not sell that I just left at the Auction - I did not want to cart it back home so I just left it at the Auction !!
Barry Hauptman came to the Sale and got lots of bargains. If you missed this sale - you missed out of some really nice stuff at good prices.
I was extremely pleased with the overall results of the Sale and the money that the items generated.
Take care,

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Report on the BIG Casino Auction !!!
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Re: Report on the BIG Casino Auction !!!
Archie and Brenda... Sure sounds like a tough...
Oh, no! Very sorry, Archie
Re: Report on the BIG Casino Auction !!!
Very sad % hard to except, pain free is great love
Re: Report on the BIG Casino Auction !!!
Jerry incredible display, never seen anything

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