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He Was Already Contacted, Refuses to be Honest

These "tribute" chips were a group order on PCF. Except for the $5 chip, the real chips have PUERTO RICO printed on them and the "tribute" chips do not. The original $5 chip is the only one in the set without PUERTO RICO.

When these chips first came out I noticed them for sale on eBay. I contacted the seller and he absolutely refused to be honest in his descriptions of these chips. I reported them as fakes to eBay, but they could care less. I also contacted the guy on PCF who had them made. He said that the intent was for use in home poker games. Now he wished that he never had them made in the first place. The eBay seller also sells lots of genuine Puerto Rico chips, some are really hard to find and I want them for my collection. But I will never buy anything from this seller. I do not business with dishonest sellers. Period.

That is the problem with making FAKES. Even if you have the best intentions, once they leave your hands no doubt that eventually someone will try to sell them as real.

Real Chip, with PUERTO RICO

Fake Chip, no PUERTO RICO

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He Was Already Contacted, Refuses to be Honest
Re: He Was Already Contacted, Refuses to be Honest

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