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A Very Special Offer from The Mob Museum!...

In very exciting news the CCA's Museum of Gaming History (MoGH) was contacted by the Museum of Law Enforcement and Organized Crime, aka: The Mob Museum, asking for some advice and information on slot machine token dies that they had recently acquired.

Specifically, the dies that they just acquired were from the Tropicana Hotel and Casino, which was just shuttered after 67 years in operation, continuously under the same name and at the same location that entire time!

The MoGH offered some general information about the minting process of tokens and how Nevada casinos had to acquire special approval to mint and manage control of coins with monetary denominations, in a world where the Federal Government prohibited private minting of denominated coins.

During those discussions, the MoGH asked the Mob Museum, if we could borrow some of those dies and display them at the 2024 CCA Convention and Show, as a Mob Museum presented, Educational Exhibit. The Mob Museum has granted the MoGH approval to do so, and, in celebration of the MoGH’s 16th Anniversary, they are providing Show attendees (CCA and MoGH members, as well as the public at large) to get a 16% discount off of the Locals and Out-of-State, General Admission ticketing to the Mob Museum, from 11 to 17 June, when tickets are ordered online only.

We thank the Mob Museum for this gift and the opportunity to present their Tropicana dies in their first public viewing. Details are in the poster, also provided by the Mob Museum.

Jim Follis
MoGH Exhibits and Events Director

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A Very Special Offer from The Mob Museum!...
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