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SNCCC Mtg / Raffle / Goody Bag

This Month's SNCCC Meeting will be held on Wed June 12 4-6 pm in the Cypress Room (adjacent to the CCA Show exhibition Hall) at the South Point Hotel and Casino

All are invited to attend.

Our speaker will be Dan Madrigrano founder of His presentation will be on the state of the hobby and his efforts to cast a positive light on the hobby.

We will also be conducting 2 raffles, a 50/50 raffle and a raffle for 10 above average casino chip items, including a special chip from Felix's Casino in Lovelock NV. The Chips were donated to the Club by the Bob Bosseler estate and Dan Madrigrano.

The cost of the raffle tickets will be 3 for $5.00, 7 for $10.00, 20 for $20

All attendees will receive a 2024 SNCCC Club Chip and a goody bag with as special gift to our Club from the Duke of Fremont Street

The room is limited to 50 people so please come early

I hope to see all at the Meeting

Jerry Vergatos

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