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Free Computer Help (repeat offer)

Hey, everyone. In addition to being a deranged Nevada $5 collector, I'm also a seasoned computer nerd and want to repeat my offer to assist any of you with any basic computer troubles you may be having at no charge.

Some of you have been reluctant to "bother me" with your problems, but please don't feel that way. I may not be able to solve EVERY problem you have, but quite a few people on this board have been helped by me or have been given direction on how to solve their problems successfully.

I can text or speak to you on the phone or I can login to your system remotely (with your consent) and fix your issue while you watch. If you have a problem that requires a local computer tech, I'll let you know what to tell them and what to expect they'll do/try.

Anyway, you can email me at or call/text me at 530-570-2222. I'm in Reno (Pacific time zone), but call/text any time, 24hrs/day. If I'm asleep, I'll get back to you. Your call/text will not wake/bother me.

-- barry

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