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Silver Striker's Tournament Report

I attended the Silver Striker's Tournament this weekend and had a chance to meet with some of the officers of the club as well as several members of their group (of which I recently became one of). Most of the members I spoke to did NOT even know the CCA existed, and even those that heard of us didn't know our convention was happening this next week. Naturally, I pitched them on coming by to check things out, seeing as they already have a "casino" collection (silver strikes). Some had only planned to be here this weekend and are heading home, but will check out the information I gave them about the club (website). Others are planning to come by and see what the club is all about. Those that have my cell# will let me know when they're coming and I'll be walking them around the floor introducing them to dealers, officers, and volunteers alike. So, if you see me with people in tow, put your best foot forward and encourage them to find things they like and join the group.

I finished a measley 116th out of around 200 (I think). Got a very nice 3oz silver coin as a prize, but no cash. Bought a polo shirt and a 2024 commemorative silver coin (1oz, $40). Had a blast, met a lot of very nice and enthusiastic people, and promised that we'd look for ways for the CCA and the Silver Strikers to work together to grow interest in the collecting world. A few people mentioned some "bad blood" between the organizations, but I'm too new (and don't care) so if elected President, I'll just go ahead and work with anyone and everyone who would like to work with me/us.

In all my years coming to Vegas, I had NEVER played a silver strike machine. That ended this weekend. I put in $200 and came out with $50 cash and 21 silver strikes (silver clad, except one Abraham Lincoln blue cap). I bought another 20 silver strikes from players, so I have a LOT of duplicates to sell to anyone who is interested in them but doesn't want to put money in the machines. Message me here or hit me up at the show if you see me.

For those of you who collect or even just enjoy the beauty of silver strikes, I would encourage you to check out their club. Dues are (I think) only $20/yr and you can participate in their quarterly (?) slot tournaments. Next one is Halloween and the Four Queens has promised to have their Silver Strike machines back on the floor by then, which is exciting news.

-- barry

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Silver Striker's Tournament Report
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