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Stay4Q and I walked around and SAW...

1} Had the Face up Hot Turkey Dinner at Binions a) Mash Potatoes Hot, 2) Stuffing not Bad Hot, 3) Turkey came from Oscar Mayer thin slice, but not the hand sliced Turkey at 4Q, 5) Gravy was not salty and Hot. 8-1/2 Stars

2} Walked around, Not crowded, asked for matches. 2 Places white blank Matches, Others 1 Matchbook, Golden Nugget no matches. I aked the Bartender, WHY ? Answer- Their to Cheep !

3} Walked around the Fremont and I was overly-Supprised. Not because only one Crap Table open, but all players had their Butts stuck to own stool playing Craps. Were they old ? Well, They all looked they could stand up and play as Respectiable Crap Players. And Play Elbow-to Elbow, and drink whiskey and place Bets like the Game should be Played. WHAT IS WOULD COMING TO ?

4} Last--I walked to 3 Casinos and had the HARDES time communicating with the DEALER, in buying chips. STATEMENT, I'm not here to PLAY
I want to BUY 2 $XX Chips, General Issues. BAD MISSTAKE. Face/BLANK , EYES/LIKE DEER in HEADLIGHTS. BAD but,LIFE---IS GOOD!

5} As, I was coming into Primm, I drove up to the Primmadonna Casino. (Yes, that was her real name, Donna primm). Anyway, only 3 cars parked away from the entrance. Walked in, the place looked Closed. Only Machines. No Tables Machines spaced 10-12 Feet apart. saw no one except One security man. Not moving fast, about 80 years old. Went over to Whiskey Petes. 12 Cars, Just as many peple. Pritty Sad ! Left
Foot Note-- Before COVIT Lots of People 20 years ago Packed with People SAD

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