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I have invited my collector friends and anyone that is involved in our hobby to send in any stories about their wayward ways and collecting of chips. Please be concise and very descriptive. Being weird, funny and crazy is up to you. Thanks guys for all the stories you have sent in thus far. Reggie


Hollywood Jamul


A big new casino, courtsey of Penn National Gaming. Seems the locals weren't too happy about it: there were several signs on the road saying Stop the Casino and 97% of residents don't want the casino. Warm welcome. I can see why they didn't want it. A gigantic building in the middle of their nice rural "town".
Pai Gow the old fashioned way, a real pleasure! Joker: Aces Straight Flushes. 5% commission, and only one side bet for Envy. Shouldda done it, but it's $5 to envy other hands and I only put out $1, as there was only one other guy at the table. How was I supposed to know he'd have a flush... Won my hand so the $10 min bet returned $9.50 paid by a 5, 2.5, 1, 1; with a snapper for the collection without having a Blackjack, or trying to chase the snapper down.
When I signed up for the club card, the girl said that I already had one issued at the "M". "Oh, you're managed by Penn National"
"Yeah, we're a small tribe and tried for years to get a casino going, and partnered up with Penn to do it." Results, no new member freebies for me.
Not my favorite drive down to the casino, but I'd go back just for the no frills Pai Gow.

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