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, Should you end up with doubles, and you have a lot of extras from Montana you do not need, please allow me to take a look to see if I need them. I have a large want list of needs from my home state of Montana.
This includes all fraternal organizations: BPOE Elks, Eagles & Moose. Reggie

D S Montana $0 Squincir (No CG listings or images) Green & Mustard
D. D. W. Billings 25c, $1 $5 Wave CG121377 Red, CG121375 Blue, CG121376 Yellow
D. R. Billington Fairview 5c & $1 Embossed CG123378 White, CG208604 Blue (Billiard Parlor)
D / E Missoula $0 Wave CG123401 Red (Eddy’s)
DAC Anaconda $0 Sqincir CG121374 Brown (Condor Bar)

For these wants; find the above images of these listings on the chip guide, most are available. A complete list of wants is available for those that may have more than a dozen or so of Montana chips.

I also, have a fairly large trade list of approximately 100 different Montana chips. (None of these are from my personal collection.) This includes fractionals, $1 and various chips. Below please find five from this list available I would like to trade or sell.

These images are from my own personal inventory, scanned by my Epson V30

Sky Line $25 - Great Falls, MT $18

Stockmens $1 - Missoula, MT $6 Side A

Stockmens $1 - Missoula, MT $6 Side B

Stump Town $1 Whitefish, MT $12

Sundance Saloon $1 - Bozeman, MT $8

Sundance Saloon $5 - Bozeman, MT $9

Nancy and Reggie


Well, if it isn't one thing it is another, this week Nancy has the flue. she is already starting to recuperate. … Reggie

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