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I'm not, but...
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I don't have anything close to a real coin collection. Just some random stuff I've picked up from trips, garage sales, and the ground outside of select 7-11s. I mainly use numismatics to verify the 50/50 probabilities of kicking/receiving from the comfort of my own couch. That, and dropping small denominations just out of reach of fast food workers with colorful shirts and headsets.

I know I can go get this info on their website, but for the rest of the people reading this, what's the cost and what are the benefits for chippers and other non-numismatically inclined folks? I joined the Silver Strikers Club (I've got some), the SNCCC (I go there and collect from there), and the Heinlein Society (my favorite Sci-Fi author), so I'm no stranger to the strange land of joining organizations I have a mild interest in. What's one more? And besides, each org offers a LOT of interesting stuff about their area of interest, and I have a general interest in a lot of things.

And lastly, if it helps build and maintain a relationship between our club and another, then it's (hopefully) a small price to pay in hopes we get some reciprocation. Give us the scoop, Marmaduke!

-- barry

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I'm not, but...
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