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So, tell everyone specifically how to fix it
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Hi Steve. Let me start by saying you and I have had several wonderful phone and in-person conversations, so when I say I understand your complaints, I want you to know you were heard and I agree with your sentiments but perhaps not the delivery so much (I know you're frustrated).

I worked with the board and the web developer to get the website and message boards upgraded. And now I am on this new committee and along with around a dozen others, am ready to take action. In fact, I've already taken action outside the committee prior to joining them this week, and you'll be seeing the fruits of those labors shortly (I'm still polishing the turds, LOL). As the Tech Committee Chair (and webmaster), I will be focused on moving the club forward with technology and processes that makes our jobs easier and makes the club appealing to a wider audience. I will encourage different methods of outreach (the PR/marketing folks are already doing a tremendous job of this, including publishing articles you've written on your behalf.

I would love to have you turn your complaints into specific suggestions on what to do, rather than complaining about what isn't working or complaining in generalities. Doing so publicly doesn't help anything. Not the club, not the non-members who are thinking of joining the club, and not the general public, some of whom are on this board just to ask a question or two and that's all.

Some examples of good suggestions you made are:

1. Inventory the membership to see who has talents to help - I agree with this (but think some/most of that's already been done), but I also believe we need to survey the members to see what they like, dislike, want, don't want). This should be done in general and for the convention specifially. If you read the report from the committee, that's being done as we speak (prepping surveys), so please be patient.
2. Ask for help - Many times, it's easier for those who are already the "doers" to take on additional tasks. Doug & Co have reached out and put together a good team of members to make a to-do list and get them done. They've presented a short list of their ideas to the board (15 out of probably 100 at this point) and gotten board approval to move forward with most/all of them. Give the committee a little time before you pass judgement on whether they/we are doing a good job or not. You said those who are asked will be flattered. You were asked and declined (and I totally understand why - you have valid reasons), so let those who were asked (or told or volunteered on their own) to do their thing to the best of their ability. Be grateful that someone... ANYONE... is helping keep this boat afloat.
3. Eliminate the magazine - I personally agree that this is a large expense for an item that is imperative to physically hold by fewer people. An online version delivers the same information, but without the tactile feel of a hardcopy magazine. Newspapers, magazines, and other periodicals are coming to grips with the reality that print is dying and electronic media is the future. Maybe a plan to phase it out over time? No matter the decision to keep it or toss it, there will be opposition and adjustment.

Some examples of non-helpful suggestions/comments:

1. Changes need to be made. Ok, be specific.
2. "Real reason is no vision, no leadership, and resistance to change" - The members vote for those who are willing to step up and put their valuable personal time into running this club. They all have their biases, and those biases may or may not jibe with yours or a portion (small or large) of the other members. But unless YOU are going to run for office, and can run on your platform of change, with specifics spelled out and timelines to complete them, you're just barking at the mailman. Make a specific list of what you'd like to see done, enter it into the Suggestion Box on the message board (where all of this discussion belongs, by the way), and see who agrees and disagrees with your suggestion. Next, when candidates are running for office, see how they line up with the changes you want to see and vote for them. You don't need to bash the other candidates. Just support yours.
3. Immediately jumping a volunteer's sh*t when they tell you they'll take your suggestion under advisement. Be grateful, not accusatory.

So, I know you're out of patience, but I would ask your indulgence for a bit longer. I think you'll be happy with upcoming progress reports. And don't bite Doug's leg. We like him and we need him.

-- barry

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