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Re: Campaign Statement #8 Jerry Vergatos

Hi Jerry. While there's no way I'd ask the board to change the overall design of the site (Mike did a fantastic job and has been a pleasure to work with), I like your ideas. Specifically:

1. Using chips and other collectibles as buttons presents a unique method of navigation. And it's not "instead of". It's "in addition to". Probably a back burner project idea, but I'll talk to Mike about it to see what effort would be required.
2. When a user rolls their mouse over one of the image links, the icon rotates or performs some other animation (chips, dice, roulette wheel, etc)
3. The stock ticker would be a fun add-on and shouldn't violate any club or IRS rules. It's just information.
4. The current forums/message boards are already divided into member and non-member accessible content, so probably nothing to change there.
5. The club's current policy is no sales or even hinting of sales, so that's a no-go. At least for now. As everyone here knows, I'm a proponent of opening up posts offering memorabilia for sale, trade, or purchse. Until the board finds a way to feel safe in not jeopardizing our non-profit education designation, this won't happen.
6. What were the obstacles? Coding issues? Platform support? Board support? Money? Timelines? Disputes over implementation?

If anyone else reading this has suggestions for the website, message boards, social media platforms, or other media outlets, pass them on. Preferably under club business in the Suggestion Box where we (the volunteers who monitor the "to do" list) track such things.

Thanks -- barry

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Campaign Statement #8 Jerry Vergatos
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