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Campaign Statement #8 Jerry Vergatos

Here is a suggestion to make the CCA Website a little more user-friendly. This is a composite of the Website that I was working on when I was President. The Chips when pressed would take you to the desired location. The forums would be split up into 2, one for general conversations and open sales, and the other forum would be for Active Club members only.

You will notice the forum boxes for Gaming News and a Gaming Stock ticker.

My goal was to drive Club members as well as the general public to our site to enhance our awareness and increase our membership

My administration got as far as having the dashboard delivered by the developer but met with many obstacles so it was never fully implemented.

Kudos to the people responsible for the current site, I'm sure it was a major project. This is only a suggestion that may alleviate some of the negative comments concerning the complexity of the current site.

Thank You

Jerry Vergatos LM-8093-241
Candidate for CCA Vice-President

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Campaign Statement #8 Jerry Vergatos
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