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This is a perfect example of a flawed system that has been brought to your attention as well as the board and it “Will be taken into consideration” When are you people going to throw out the old playbook and create a new one? What worked thirty-five years ago doesn’t necessarily work today. If you are in charge and you see things that are wrong, fix it. The old line of “We will take it under advisement” is a total cop-out. This club is dying for many reasons but the primary reason is the inability to change and I attribute that to incompetent leadership. I know everyone just wants to have fun but I hate to inform you “The party is over” I read your committee’s ideas/goals and sadly no one has addressed the real issues. I am a thirty plus year member and am very disappointed with the direction or should I say lack of direction this club has embarked on. This committee like the MOGH committee will accomplish nothing as you don’t see the numerous problems that exist. You all continue to blame the membership decline on an aging population, recession, young people don’t collect and a plethora of other reasons. The real reason is no vision, no leadership, and the resistance to change anything. A committee that accomplishes nothing is worse than having no committee. I personally hold every elected, appointed and volunteer position in this club accountable for whatever it is they are supposed to do. I am tired of hearing that no one ever volunteers! That’s another cop-out, in fact people have volunteered and been ignored. Inventory the membership and find out who possesses the skill set needed and then ask them for their help. If you are waiting for someone to raise their hand you will have a long wait. When you ask someone directly for help they will usually be delighted as it is a flattering experience. This club needs to have a reason to join. The magazine is not a reason, it can be done on line for little cost and made available to the planet. And it should be, it is a waste of money and actually consumes all of ours. Learning how to preserve matchbooks or clean chips is not much of a reason either. The truth is, belonging to this club gives us an opportunity to meet people who share the same interest. The only other reason is the annual show that the club produces. The reality is that you do not need to be a member of this club to accomplish either of these things. The focus should be on “Why should I be a member of this club in 2024” Re-hashing old issues is a waste of time. When obvious changes need to be made. Change them! Create a playbook for the next decade and don’t be afraid to make changes when needed.

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CCA Membership G&E Committee Updates
You still have not answered Doug Smith ?
Joe, My apologies as I didn’t see your previous
Doug it appears a gap has been found
Thanks for the suggestion
Re: Thanks for the suggestion
Re: Thanks for the suggestion
Mr Cutler, I am sorry you feel that way about our
Re: Mr Cutler, I am sorry you feel that way about
Re: Mr Cutler, I am sorry you feel that way about
So, tell everyone specifically how to fix it
CCA is a Democracy and in a Democracy ~~~
Joe, all 3 people who’s ballots were submitted
Intention & Solution
Re: Intention & Solution
Intention is to remain anonymous
Re: Intention is to remain anonymous
Re: CCA Membership G&E Committee Updates
Re: CCA Membership G&E Committee Updates
Re: CCA Membership G&E Committee Updates
That family of 13 will need a bigger envelope
Doug and Team. Kudos to all of you!...
maybe a you tube video
rofl rofl rofl

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