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CCA Membership G&E Committee Updates

Over the last 2 weeks since we first made our announcement, the Membership Growth & Engagement Committee has been hard at work going thru our list of suggestions.

These items have been accomplished over the past few weeks:

1) Changes to the committee - Barry Sherwood has been added to our group. Barry will be a huge help working some of the technical details to make many of our needs happen.

Barry Replaces Roy Nelson who will be leaving the committee due to other obligations.

A Huge thanks to Roy for all his work and input over her past 8 months and a big welcome to Barry as well.

2) Newbie Collector Page - This is a great page with all kinds of information for new collectors to make thier experience as good as possible. This new page is now posted on the CCA website at

3) Newsletter Blast About the Committee - This went out to all on the distribution last week and give information about the Membership G&E Committee and what we hope to accomplish.

4) Article for the CCA Magazine about the Committee - To be sent in the next issue of the Casino Collectible News. Keep an eye out !!!

5) 50/50 Raffle at the convention - This will be offered to all attendees on Thursday and Friday at the show and tickets will be available at the raffle table.
Not only will this help raise money for the club but it will add a bit of excitement to those in attendance.

6) Technology Committee Formed - Barry Sherwood has been appointed the chair of this committee and with the committees help a lot of great things will come of it. We are still working on roles and responsibilities for this committee which are being developed.

7) Assign a CCA Board Communications Director - This position has been assigned and we have a few details to still be worked out.
This position will act as a single point contact for questions and issues dealing with club business of all types.

Here are the things we are currently working on and should be completed soon.

1) Exit Poll for non renewing members - The poll has been completed but we are working distribution details and should be available to be sent out soon.
This is a great way to get feedback on why people aren’t renewing and what we might be able to do better.

2) Convention Reminders - Data has already been sorted and we are working on efforts to invite all those that registered for last years convention to this years and future years shows.

3) Outreach to non member collectors - We currently have plans to hold zoom meetings with groups like PCF, and other non member groups to work together in ways that mutually benefit each other and listen to suggestions and grievances.
We are tossing around many ideas and hope to better understand the needs of other groups to benefit the hobby as a whole.

4) Self Serve Newsletter signup - This will easily allow anyone who like to add themselves to the newsletters and other club news blasts. Forms have already been built and we are looking at ways to implement.

5) Schedule Regular CCA Zoom Meetings - This will be set up by the CCA Board Communications Director and plan to include updates on the club as well as a question and answer session much like the annual club business meeting. Still a few details to work out but this has already been approved by the BOD and it will be a great way to keep the membership informed.

6) Form Education Committee - This is the 4th of the committees approved by the CCA BOD and while it still has some work, we have already put together a list of potential activities this committee will work on and add some great opportunities for education of our membership.

In addition to the items I have mentioned there are LOTS of other issues currently being worked and we should see the benefits of soon.

A HUGE thanks to the efforts of ALL the Committee members for all the work they have put in as well as the CCA BOD who’s direction has helped us accomplish the many things we plan on completing.

If you’re interested in helping the committee, we are looking for volunteers as we have LOTS of stuff to work on and can use YOUR help.

Please send an email to Allan Anderson at if you would like to help.

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CCA Membership G&E Committee Updates
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