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Re: Jerry Vergatos Reprint of Campaign Platformrm

I'm not a joiner, so I can't vote. If I could, Jerry would have my vote.

A few years ago Jerry was a honcho at the South Point show. He tried to intervene after a slimeball dealer misrepresented condition of some dice I bought and wouldn't accept a returner exchange. The AH got into Jerry's face too. I asked Jerry to simply donate the crap to the club and haven't been back to an event since. Life is too short for such chit.

That said, Jerry was a standup guy. Truly the cream of the crap! I urge you to vote for him. Someone needs to save this group from a self-inflicted slow death IMO!

Some of you have looooong memories and may recall that I had an issue with Archie and several others (now dead) at the annual show a decade ago. This occurred after I refused to show ID (and get on a mailing list) to be admitted. My retort at that time was "If AHs could fly, this place would be an airport!"

Ironically, Big Rich (RIP) was one of a few who expressed support for my position back then and bellyached. I was invited back the next day.

Well, as time marches on several of the planes have been grounded. I plan to attend the meeting tomorrow night as an invited guest. I'll be good unless someone gets in my face.

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Jerry Vergatos Reprint of Campaign Platformrm
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