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Barry Weintraub - R.I.P.
In Response To: Barry Weintraub - R.I.P. ()

That is Horrible News,
Barry was a kind and caring Man . I first met Barry at The Local Club meeting when it was at Hollywood Park Casino. Our friendship evolved over the Years, We would talk over the phone frequently about chips. As Jay mentioned, Barry would host a monthly Poker Game at his office, with Friends from the club and others. which, moved to Richard’s house. After Barry moved to Washington Barry also gave me work when started my printing business.

One of my fondest memories was Barry invited me to a Dodger game with him and Stu Lovett, we Had a great time laughing and BS ing
I’ve missed him for the last years when He was unable to attend the Convention.

I am losing too many Friends in this hobby lately

Rest in Piece My Friend


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Barry Weintraub - R.I.P.
A great help to me years ago ... RIP
I Will Miss You, Barry. RIP.
Thank You for All You Have Done..
Sad news, my condolences
Barry Weintraub - R.I.P.
Re: Barry Weintraub - R.I.P.
Our Condolences to Barry's Friends and Family
So Sad
Too many, too soon
Condolences & Prayers. Another sad day.
Re: Barry Weintraub - R.I.P -- May God blsss.
He was a friend....RIP
I am so very sorry to hear of…
So very sad. Just wished him a Happy B-Day...
Re: Barry Weintraub - R.I.P.
R.I.P. friend
Re: R.I.P. friend
Dang, another great chipper RIP Barry
Re: Barry Weintraub - R.I.P.
R. I. P. Barry
Photo of Barry at Arizona Charlie’s 2003!
Another sad loss indeed- R.I.P
Sad to hear of Barry's passing. sad
So sad news ! RIP Barry
Condolences to his friends and family.
Re: Barry Weintraub - R.I.P.
RIP Barry
R.I.P. Barry Happy Heavenly Bday!
Sorry to hear another chipper gone
Terrible News, Very nice man.
Barry was a great guy...
Re: Barry was a great guy...
Condolences to family and friends
He will be sorely missed. Peace be with you Barr
Re: Barry Weintraub - R.I.P.
RIP Barry Weintraubthis - So sorry to hear this
R.I.P. Barry
Wonderful man, great friend. We spent...
Photo of Barry
Re: Barry Weintraub - R.I.P.
My Condolences to Barry's Family & Friends
My condolences, R P I Barry
Re: Terrible news!!! RIP Barry sad
I just received the sad news, Barry RIP
I'll miss him
Another "great" leaves the room! RIP
Sad to hear of Barry's passing !!
Re: Barry Weintraub - R.I.P.
Fun with Barry. Never miss a chance to have FUN
Thanks for sharing those pics, RIP Barry
Re: Barry Weintraub - R.I.P.
Barry Weintraub - RIP
Re: R.I.P. -Barry Weintraub
Re: Barry Weintraub - R.I.P.
Re: Barry Weintraub - R.I.P.

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