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Who needs current Reno chips?

I live in Reno and will be at the SNCCC Fall show this weekend. If there's enough demand, I'll run around and grab some to bring to the show. Face value + $5 per casino + $10 for my effort, regardless of order size. Want a set of $1,$5,$25,$100 from a single casino? $146 delivered to the show. Want a single $1 chip? $16 delivered to the show. Want a $1 from 3 different casinos? $28 delivered to the show. If you want more than 10 of any individual chip, add another $10 (pit bosses and dealers don't seem to like it when I buy a lot of chips, riffle through them for the nice ones, then sell/trade them back for another stack. Plus it takes more time). EMAIL YOUR ORDERS TO Do NOT send payment until I've confirmed that I've gotten them (which will probably be Wednesday), just in case I don't get enough orders to bother driving, parking, and buying from the tables without pit bosses griping at me (most cages won't sell chips now). I will not spend a ton of time looking for premium specimens, but I will ask for nicer chips. You will need to be happy with whatever I get. Nicest versions go to those who spend the most. I reserve the right to alter my pricing if your request is a bit on the odd side requiring more time, but I think I've covered most situations.

Here's a list of casinos in the area (I'm not traveling outside Reno/Sparks - sorry). If your order is more than $50 or if you won't be present to pay me in cash at the show, please venmo it to @Barry-Sherwood or paypal (f&f) to Again, don't send any money now. I'll be at the show on Friday for sure and possibly/probably Saturday. I'll be happy to leave your order with someone else at the show - just let me know whom to give it to and give me their phone number and email address.

Reno, NV:
Grand Sierra Resort (GSR)
The J
Silver Legacy
Circus Circus
El Dorado
Club Cal Neva

Sparks, NV:
Legends Bay
The Nugget

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Who needs current Reno chips?
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