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Re: Tina Turner dead at 83
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I was in Tina Turner's dressing room at the International Hotel in Jan 1971. I was sent there by Jay Tell, editor of the Las Vegas Free Press to pick up a police report on one of the Ikettes cited for soliciting at 2 am in a hotel lobby. Also, at the same try and sell Ike a backpage ad for $700. No go on that score. I later found out Ike had lost $10,000 the night before and was told "Don'worry. Just
sign another contract at the same terms as before." At the time,Ike and Tina, were backup to
Elvis Presley's return from retirement. At 17 dollars a ticket, Elvis earned more than a million
dollars for the month's entertainment. After about 20 minutes with Ike, Tina returned with the police report and with her busniness manager, Monica, who's reaction to me was "What a Honky doing in your dressing room! ! Tell's editorial opened with "What's a woman doing making a phone call at 2 AM and found with two one hundred dollar bills in her purse. Calling her mother in Los Ageles, that's what.
Later, I learned the Ikeette got a settlement of 38,000. Bob Denbow R7362

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Tina Turner dead at 83 sad
Tina Turner dead at 83 sad
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