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Extra!My Weekly Note, New Arrival$ & Chip Tip

Hi Folks; this last Monday, was a special high hand day at the Bonita Springs Card Room. $700 every half hour from 10am to 11pm. I usually show up around 3-5pm, I hate crowds, standing in lines and the rush to get in the doors for their special tables, etc. etc. I digress, any way I got there and they were just opening a table, and the first hand dealt was quad 4’s to a lady that was there the last time they had the customer appreciation day; ($700 jackpots) that made $1900 (she hit a royal $700+$500=$1200 and later hit another high hand of $700). The second half hour was hit by a long time friend; “Harley” (he is 94 yrs old)he hit quad 10’s; whew. No one that I knew hit the 3rd half hour; ah but on the 4th half hour on that table about 10 minutes into it yours truly looked down at a hand that is commonly referred to as American Airlines. A pretty sight, but even prettier was the flop; Ace, Ace and King. All this happened on one table. It was really fun for a while. Reggie
The card room has 34 poker tables and about 10 house games. (Paigow, Deuces Wild, 3 card poker etc.) And on the customer appreciation days and Wednesday’s it usually fills all the tables up.

Please visit my Montana chip collection on the Chip Query, to see if you have a chips (traders-pages 1-13)
that I can use or any traders of mine you can use.

New Arrivals from Earlier This Month:

Four Queens $1 (N1622P)Las Vegas, NV $29

Postings that could be done on the Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday I post:

5 Single CA chips
3 Single NV chips
2 Single Other States etc.
2 Single MT chip
2 Sets of Chips
1 Image of a COTY
5 California Featured Chips
5 Nevada Featured Chips (Better Chips)
1 Page of California Chips in one format or another (on Saturday’s – when I have them)
1 Page of Cheap Chips (on Saturday) whenever I can find enough strays to put the pages together.
Every Saturday: A message to the CB Readers
On every Saturday a “SPOTLIGHTED SPECIAL FEATURE CHIP(S)” 52 of ‘em one every week

The mid week will go like this:

Tuesday – 2 Single Other States, 2 Single MT chip, 2 Sets of Chips, 3 Single Nevada and 5 Single California
Wednesday – 5 Featured California & 5 Featured Nevada + an image of a COTY
Thursday – 2 Single Other States, 2 Single MT chip, 2 Sets of Chips, 3 Single Nevada and 5 Single California



I have not had many complaints about not showing the reverse or back of chips with two images. Most people are resourceful enough to go to the Chip Guide, or other Chip Info sites; of which picture images are available. The cheap chips I display are not worthy of the time nor effort. Since, most are way under priced.
Everyone should know that I will furnish the opposite side that does not appear on any “display” image. You only need to send an email and identify the name and/or number of the chip you would like see the other side of.
In most cases, I should get it back to you on the same day.
If I only have one of the item requested it will be two images.
Hope this helps some of you out.

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