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⚡️❄️ Thunder Snow in Vegas grin

Hi Everyone,

It is your favorite chipper Sarah and what a day.
- We bought our biggest collection yet in Vegas (will hit ⚡️❄️ in April/May)
- Bought chips for my personal collection from Palace Station the cage was really nice and I like it there.
- Tried to buy chips from the Rio and they would not sell me chips and I do not like the Rio and they are not for me.
- We went to the Palms and it is super nice and I told Joe we should stay there next time as it is so nice. The cage spent 15-minutes with me and I got to pick all the chips I wanted and they were so nice.
- Bellagio would only let me buy 1-chip and that is my favorite casino so what the heck. The flower garden is to die for and if you have time check it out and picture attached. It is just so pretty and amazing.
- Aria would not sell me chips so they suck
- South Point let me pick any chips I wanted at the cage as they are just wonderful
- We went to Spinettis for the first time, and we spent too much money and were there for like 2-hours. Everyone is so nice to us and if you have time check their store out as so many amazing things. They are located at 810 South Commerce Street and worth the trip if you are a chipper 😊 I really liked the old phone from the Circus Circus it was an airplane and just too cool picture below. Also, @ John I finally saw those plaques you collect in real life and picture attached and they are pretty cool. I want all the chips in the display showing the biggest collection as it is what I like all the $1 from casinos.
- Joe got me tickets to Circus Soleil tonight so very exciting and Vegas is just the best as always so much fun. It is super busy and have not seen it like this ever.

We are always hunting for chips so if you want to sell a large collection or a coupe chips let us know as we are always buying. We pay cash!!!!

Thanks for your time everyone and go see the Bellagio Flower Garden.

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⚡️❄️ Thunder Snow in Vegas grin
grin Busy day.... 👍 and enjoy to the fullest
email sent ...
Great summation of your day!

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