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Gaming Ore Consignment CasinoRama Ford Collection

Please read carefully.

I have a collection of approximately 2,000 chips, in which the Consignor would prefer a single offer for the entire collection. In this situation, the Consignor will be approving/rejecting any offers, between now and CasinoRama. Only if there is a No Sale, will the Consignor release the collection for individual chip sales. PLEASE do not ask me for a quote/price for any individual chip here. If you have an interest in any of the individual pieces, you may certainly let me know your(s) interest and offer(s) by email to:

The collection will be at CasinoRama. Shipping will be at the expense of the buyer and is tbd.

This collection belonged to James Ford, whom I suspect was a member of the CCA (years ago). He collected from all over the World. Unfortunately, he displayed many chips under glass on his desk, which was either very big, or he occasionally rotated chips around. Sadly, the collection includes about 370 UV light overexposed chips. The vast majority of the collection consists of gaming chips, but there are a few Fantasy chips, tokens, jetons, 1 plaque, a few coins and 1 silver bar. I am providing links to every scan (103 obverse sides and 103) reverse side scans) here, which are at 300 dpi resolution. Look at the end portion of the URLs to see a general description of casino/location of each scan.

Please keep in mind, at this point, the collection is offered as a single Lot of all the images in th

Email me if you have any questions, at:

Thanks for looking!


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Gaming Ore Consignment CasinoRama Ford Collection
I found the Wisconsin chip! 😁
Re: I found the Wisconsin chip! 😁
Re: I found the Wisconsin chip! 😁
Re: Gaming Ore Consignment CasinoRama Ford Collect
Thank you Dennis. Did you see silver bar?
Nice presentation Jim!
Thanks Archie!
The Ford Collection at CasinoRama is being...

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