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Re: "Revised Edition" Where is "C" Mold?

I've search through a few times looking in Poker Chips, I don't see them?

Here's the results of the auction lot that I won. Nice to be back to adding Poker chips to my collection. These show now and then and I had been avoiding them to stick with Wisconsin and Elko. But I already have some pages and some clay poker chips, so why not expand my fun?

PM-GT, PM-GN, PX-CL, Plain, C Mold

The extra Lyre red is smoother plastic and brighter, the rest have a softer matte surface.

And for those of you who collect cardboard 🙄 exciting find.

And for those who want to know, cardboard is not the same as corrugated!

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Old Poker Chip Help
Re: Old Poker Chip Help
"Revised Edition" is your best bet w/ new codes.
Re: "Revised Edition" is your best bet w/ new code
Re: "Revised Edition" is your best bet w/ new code
"Revised Edition" has been ordered
Best chip book I ever had and the highest honor ~~
Some old paper chips
Re: "Revised Edition" Where is "C" Mold?
See H.C. Evans catalog page below in index ~~~
It's a mold, so see Eisenstadt's mold index
I think the confusion stems from our CCA glossary.
Thanks Both for continuing education, new area

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