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Since; the Weather Channel, the local TV stations, our Governor and Brandon has all promised us a very bad storm and the loss of power to our homes tomorrow; I thought I would post Wednesday's items in the wee hours of Wednesday. IAN is supposed to show his ugly face at our shores in and around Ft Meyers about 12 noon - to about 6pm. We have shuttered our concrete home and are going to ride it out. The winds look like they will gust up to 75 miles per hour. Storm surge should not reach us, we are 8 miles inland. We might have trouble with our man made lakes in and around out homes here in the San Remo community. (Bonita Springs, FL). We, those of us that live permanently in Florida, are getting better at navigating these hurricanes, knowing when to hold em and when to foldem so to speak. Reggie and Nancy

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