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Re: Who else has this email issue?

I get these from friends, who I don't know why they have had their names borrowed. None from anyone from TCB, ever, by the way.

Archie said it, they always send something from the real name, but use a spoofed email address. Probably someone else who had their address hacked. And the reason is, they want you to click the link.

I've seen some that were even better fakes, with a name, for example if the real person is, it will come from or an i will be an L or some letter will be added to make it look real. I have also seen, JohnSmithson@SomeEdu.con where all the names are real but the email address is the wrong service. Those are the ones that say, I've lost my wallet and I need money, please send to rescue me. Or the other one I get now and then is, I need to send my Nephew a gift and I need a Amazon gift card, but my account is frozen, can you buy one and send it to me, and I'll pay you back.

Anyway and after all that and many more. It's not just harvested from the chip board, it's someone who has stolen contacts from the person they are pretending to be.

Delete, ignore, and if you want, because it's a fake/spoofed email address, mark as JUNK.

It's just someone trying to get you to click the link which could be some infected site, trying to steal your information, or collecting addresses.

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