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CCA Announcement: Mike Quinlivan is Appointed...

as the CCA's newest Claims Director, replacing Jay Sands.

Mike (Capt. Q) has been with the CCA since April of 1997 and has been a Life Member since 2002. Over that time Mike has served in many capacities with the Club, and has received Club recognition, including:

Treasurer - 2002 - 2007
President's Award recipient 2012
Claims Director 2010 - 2017
MoGH Board Member and Chairman
Convention Co-Chair 2012, 2013 and 2014
Harvey J. Fuller, Article of the Year recipient 2004

Thank you Mike for offering your services once again. We also express our thanks to Jay Sands for his Claims Director services since 2017. We also note that with Jay's Appointment to the position of CCA Secretary, Jay has resigned his position as Claims Director to avoid conflict(s) of interest for any future Claims.

Jim Follis
CCA Vice President
(for the CCA Board)

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CCA Announcement: Mike Quinlivan is Appointed...
Thanks for stepping up Mike
Re: Thanks Mike and Jay
Thanks, It's Appreciated

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