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I am going through drawers of stuff, and have some items that might interest some of you:

BlackJack Forum Booklets published by Arnold Snyder. These cover many areas of blackjack. These were issued quarterly (I'm not sure if they still are or not). The ones I have for sale are from March 1987 to the winter edition 2003. They are $10 each including shipping.

I also have old Las Vegas Advisors starting in 1987 through 2014, that I will sell each years 12 editions for $10 including shipping.

I plan to put these on ebay soon, but thought I'd throw this out here first.

One other group of items that I have is Franklin Mint proof token cards. Each originally held 4 proof-like tokens. These cards are empty, but I have a lot of them if anyone is interested.

Let me know if you have any questions about this stuff.



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