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Extra! Extra! A Mid Week Note Extra! Extra!

Hello Chippers and da’ kind; If I do not post for a day or more, please understand that it is because we lost our power source; good ole’ FPL has been shut down due to (IAN) winds, rain, or surf surge. Reggie

Please visit my Montana chip collection on the Chip Query, to see if you have a chip (traders-pages 1-13) that I can use or any traders of mine you can use.

Postings that could be done each day I post:

3 Single CA chips
2 Single NV chips
1 Single Other States etc.
1 Single MT chip
1 Set of Chips
1 Postcard (5 on Sat.)
2 California Featured Chips (Scarce & Rare)
2 Nevada Featured Chips (Better Chips)
1 Page of California Chips (as often as I can)
1 Page of Cheap Chips page whenever I can find enough strays to put the pages together.
Every Saturday: A message to the CB Readers
And on every Saturday another “SPOTLIGHTED SPECIAL FEATURE CHIP(S)”


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