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New Video about Serialized TRKs...

Today we talk about some chips that I recently picked up. These are some of the first serialized TRK chips I've ever seen. The information that Luke Rapley was able to find about these chips was: "The only information I can find on these chips is the name Pedro Flores Gomez and being ordered in 1971. I am not sure if these are personal chips, from an approved card room, or from an illegal club." The only chips out of the everything ordered that is serialized are the 500 and 1000 chips. The other denominations I've seen are 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 (if I remember correctly). These are pretty unique and special. Surely they were stamped to make sure that they were keeping track of inventory and these higher denomination chips weren't leaving the games that were being played as mentioned in our discussion the other day.

Here's the link:

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New Video about Serialized TRKs...
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