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HOF Chair comments

All I have been busy helping the daughter of Helen Dansky get her affairs in order after her mother's death. I have been following the board about the HOF and have the following comments on the procedures we follow.

First I would like to address having the entire membership vote on inductees. There have been numerous posts on the fact that no one votes in the election for those who run the organization. The numbers are poor and I can not speak for the other awards like oty or the Greg Susong but I would think it is only a select few who do vote like the elections.

If we were to have the membership vote would it be the one with the most votes or a threshold of a majority either of the entire membership or just those who vote? What if there is no majority or is it a popularity contest. Remember those in the HOF have no vested interest in who gets in outside of making sure the most deserving people are inducted.

Since I have taken over the chair I have made sure that every writen word about those recommend are provided to the HOF committee as written. We have received names without any backup material but those names are also listed with the others. And to add to this since I have had the position Jim Munding's name has never been submitted and I have every nomination save in a folder as a backup for any questions the committee might bring forward.

I also have seen a call for transparency to publish te vote openly to the membership. How would any person on the list or those who nominated them feel if the got only a few votes and someone else got a majority. There would be a constant war on this board as to why on a grander scale then I am seeing now.

I have always played by the rules as the committee has followed. I even send my vote to one other member at the beginning of the voting process so no one can claim I changed my vote to skew the results.

I also accept nominations via email as well as mail-ins provided they are on the form provided in the journal and online. If you wish to provide a written writeup along with the form it would help in transposing the info to the others in the committee.


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HOF Chair comments
Thank You, Mark
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If there was a membership vote as you ask ~~~
Are HOF committee members permitted to submit a ~~
Yes they are John
Thanks, Archie.
Well said.
Its not majority vote, is it?
Re: Its not majority vote, is it?
Re: Its not majority vote, is it?
That's a good idea, Rich. We can have a ~~~
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