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Le Cercle £5 plaque.

I know there is minimal interest in casino stuff from the UK but I thought I'd break up the spam and it makes a change from mainly US stuff on here so.................
Le Cercle was the casino within Les Ambassadeurs which opened in May 1961.
Considering that they were made in April 1961 (in a run of 1000) and I'd only found one by 2015, these were thought lost as none had come onto the market. As we now know, they weren't as they were re-discovered in 2019 hiding in a barn up at the far end of Scotland.
They were seen in the 1964 Beatles' film, "A Hard day's night" when they used the club to film the casino scene with Wilfred Bramble and are clearly seen when he plays Chemin de Fer/Baccarat and so were the stairs leading up to the casino when the Beatles went to "rescue" him.

Unlike the top denominations in the set, most are still in decent condition and there seem to be 2 slightly different types (colour-wise).
More to follow soon including the jetons and chips.

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