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for sale1 CA Pg-$3 page for sale

#132 - $3 Pages – 1 chip $3, 5 for $10

*Please note, it will be increasingly difficult to put up full pages, in the future, but I will do my best.
** On the $1 and $2 pages please know the minimum order is 2 chips or $4
PLEASE READ, Order by page#, row# & chip#, name and price. Please email me direct. Do not put a sold sign on the item you are buying Sorry, no mixing prices to get the lower price. First email in my inbox gets first considerations. Full pages are available at a discount.
P/H is $0 for 1 chip, *(any chip or chips priced $3 or under please add $1 for p/h) $2 – 2 chips, $3 – 3 chips, $4 – 4- chips, $5 – 5-8 chips, $6 – 9-12 chips, $7 – 13-15 chips, and $9 – 16 and up chips. Sorry no foreign orders. (UNLESS You use a U.S. re-shipment address.)
Please know, with the increased price in gas, I am making a delivery to the post office only 2 times a week. It is 20 miles round trip from my house to the post office. Reggie pay pal accepted to my email. Check, cash or money order accepted, also. Hold service available.
I will trade MT or CA chips for MT chips. Want List available
Please know that when you order any chips older than the day they were shown originally, there is a good chance that they may have been sold, or re-mixed with other newly broken sets for future showings.

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for sale1 CA Pg-$3 page for sale
SOLD This chip is SOLD! SOLD

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