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If it is an unknown chip it should not be ~~~

~~~ in ChipGuide under both locations... The die, alone, matches the RENO chips in spelling and design, and yet it's listed in IL... Something is not correct and, if unsure; why not move it to UFC where a buyer would be less likely to shell out a hundred bucks for a common chip known in quantity?

If there is information about the blue RINGSIDE chip w/o any denomination having been used in RENO many years later, then that info should be included in both listings as we have done with other chips known to have been used in more than one location... Also, there is nothing wrong with a chip in UFC having notations as to where it might be from but, to have one chip listed in two locations along with a die matchinne location and placed in a second location does not look too good.

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Email sent...
Ringside ???
Dennis - Ring Side is listed in TCR and is........
Its an Illinois chip
Hey Ed - Thanks for the info - as you said we,,,,,
If it is an unknown chip it should not be ~~~
CG spelling (RINGSIDE vs. RING SIDE) ~~~

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