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Its an Illinois chip

Jerry, I agree that the buyer needs to make the decision on where it belong. I don't believe however that the burden of "concrete proof" is on the person trying to discredit the Reno attribution. Too often people make attributions and challenge someone to disprove it, instead of proving it themselves. That's never the way it should work.

I just read the Chip Chats auction description it goes out of its way to say its origin is unknown. Whoever "attributed" it as Reno needs to make the case, not slapping a location on it and saying "prove me wrong."

These chips have been found in large numbers in southern Illinois for a long time. I know that doesn't prove anything, but its a start. I'm not sure if any have turned up locally in Nevada (I'm sure someone will claim they have.)

The small Reno bar opened in 1965. I've handled thousands of chips with very good pedigrees and these Ringside chips feel older than 1965. The huge East St. Louis club operated in the 1940s. It's a gut feeling, but these chips feel like old school 1930s-1940s BC Wills chips.

Personally, I feel better "Attributing" them to Illinois, but there will NEVER be concrete proof - for either side.

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