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RARITY question revisited.

I think I did everything possible to find out if there are any other exampls known or if anyone actually remembers the chips on the wheel.

I not only asked around here in the US and on GBI; I checked around in the UK as well going back to day one when the house opened, searching for casino employees (and families) with the information provided at GamingFloor and the roster of employees who left London to open the house in hopes that they might know someone who worked at Lucaya during the time frame the wheel chips were in play (archived) -- assuming they were in play since I and everyone I know who played there during and prior to my play, do not recall the Starfish inlay... and, since I found these in Spain, I did some searching there as well... and, nothing turned up, anywhere.

The previous balance in trade value I posted is now obsolete and that value is now ├Čn the $350-$450 range, each (for now grin

Maybe they are RARE; I have no documentation as to when they made it on to the wheel or when they left the wneel and whatever all else.

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