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for sale1 CA Pg-$1 page for sale

#1 All Chips $1 #7

*Please note, it will be increasingly difficult to put up full pages, in the future, but I will do my best.
** On the $1 and $2 pages please know the minimum order is 2 chips or $4

PLEASE READ, Order by page#, row# & chip#, name and price. Please email me direct. Do not put a sold sign on the item you are buying Sorry, no mixing prices to get the lower price. First email in my inbox gets first considerations.

P/H is $0 for 1 chip, *(any chip or chips priced $3 or under please add $1 for p/h) $2 – 2 chips, $3 – 3 chips, $4 – 4- chips, $5 – 5-8 chips, $6 – 9-12 chips, $7 – 13-15 chips, and $9 – 16 and up chips. Sorry no foreign orders. (UNLESS You use a U.S. re-shipment address.)

Please know, with the increased price in gas, I am making a delivery to the post office only 2 times a week. It is 20 miles round trip from my house to the post office. Reggie pay pal accepted to my email. Check, cash or money order accepted, also. Hold service available. One more thing, when paying with pay pal, try to refrain from using words like: Poker chips, gambling chips etc. and PLMK when chips are received. TY

I will trade MT or CA chips for MT chips. Want List available
Please know that when you order any chips older than the day they were shown originally, there is a good chance that they may have been sold, or re-mixed with other newly broken sets for future showings.

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for sale1 CA Pg-$1 page for sale
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