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21 Ultra Rare Chips in 21 Days new release (Day 08)

So, here’s my story -

Since early 2020 living in Melbourne, Australia has been very challenging. We went from being one of the most livable cities in the world annually to holding the record for the most locked-down city in the world throughout the pandemic - thankfully things have improved since.

So…. I decided to put all my spare time into hunting ultra-rare chips in North America. With the help of my legendary buddy Walter Dirzulaitis - I managed to track down some amazing chips that a lot of chippers may never have seen before. None of them are on the Chip Guide, but I will add them as I go. I hope you get a kick out of looking at my haul. I will post one chip a day for the next three weeks. Each chip has a tale to tell as to how I managed to acquire them - one day I might write a book! Enjoy 😎

Day 08 - $3 Maverick's Casino & Saloon, WA (The only example that has left the Poker Room thus far. Used as a Drop Chip)

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