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Re: Airline "mechanical problems"
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I tend to believe that it was more likely staffing issues than a mechanical problem, based on how the information was provided. Short delay to see if they could get staff and then cancel when they found out that they couldn't. I used to fly Jet Blue exclusively when they flew to my destination, but it is not the same company anymore and I will look for better service from other carriers when I have a choice.

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I Guess It Could Have Been Worse?
Unfortunately this is more and more...
Re: I Guess It Could Have Been Worse?
Could have been raining !
Omg Charles i think I would wonder what the
When we do lunch next year...
Re: I Guess It Could Have Been Worse?
Airline "mechanical problems"
I think I'm happier not knowing this vbg
Re: Airline "mechanical problems"
Great advice at…
Gone are the Good Old Days of Air Travel

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