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I Guess It Could Have Been Worse?

I left the convention to visit family in Northern California for a few days.
Rented a Mustang from Avis for a great price.
I had a blow out on a highway in the middle of no where, actually farm land outside of Wheatland.
Avis emergency road service did not call back with help for over 2 hours.
They initially told me I would need a tow, because Mustangs don't have spare tires.
Checked myself and found a spare, a dougnut, changed the tire and limped into the closest Avis location in Roseville.
They only had 2 cars available - a Honda Civic and Kia.
I asked for the best one and they gave me the Civic that had a cracked windshield and a torn off sun visor.
I wonder how bad the other car was?
Visit is over and I am heading back to the airport.
Get to the airport, check in and get to the gate for my 11:45pm flight to JFK.
Flight is delayed to 12:45am because of a minor mechanical problem.
Then the flight is canceled, they need a part to be flown in from L.A.
I don't know if you have been through this, but a plane load of people trying to re-book, get refunds, hotel rooms and such with a skeleton crew in the middle of the night is the very definition of anarchy.
I got a hotel room by 3am.
Booked a 1pm shuttle back to the airport for a 4pm flight.
1pm shuttle was canceled, the van broke down and they were taking 3 people at a time in a private car.
Finally get to the airport and check in.
Go through security and get to the gate.
Get an email from Jet Blue that the 4pm flight is delayed to 6:15pm.
Wondering if this trip will ever end.
Every once in a while I'll have a nightmare where I am stuck and can't figure out how to get home, know I am living it.
I just can't get catch a break.
Here I am still waiting for my flight home out of Sacramento.

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I Guess It Could Have Been Worse?
Unfortunately this is more and more...
Re: I Guess It Could Have Been Worse?
Could have been raining !
Omg Charles i think I would wonder what the
When we do lunch next year...
Re: I Guess It Could Have Been Worse?
Airline "mechanical problems"
I think I'm happier not knowing this vbg
Re: Airline "mechanical problems"
Great advice at…
Gone are the Good Old Days of Air Travel

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