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Convention 2022 a Great Success!

Convention Go’ers, Dealers and Volunteers, I would like to thank you for making my convention a huge success. I had a very enjoyable time visiting with old friends, old mail order buddies, and new friends. Everywhere I went was a fun experience.
The chips I traded were the most ever, and the chips I bought was close to the most ever. The chips I sold was one, and it was ordered before the convention started. And, I will commence showing the new additions in approximately a week; possibly this coming Saturday.
My wife enjoyed it because a friend from Prescott drove over to be with her for 3 of the days. She attended the ladies luncheon and enjoyed herself immensely.
I want to thank the current board and all of the volunteers for making it a success despite the circumstances that have plagued our club. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
There was a couple of low points to this convention unfortunately. One was the absence of many Las Vegas members. They did not make the effort, it sure sounds political to me, and not good for the future of our club. I would guess the dealers from L. V.; that did not attend lost money, and I saved some as a result. But, friends are friends if you only have one chance to see them at the convention every year, that is what makes it sad. The second thing is that some one there gave me the COVID and I passed it on to Nancy. We will make through it for the second time, me thinks. Today I am starting to feel my normal orney self, and Nancy is one day behind me in getting through this. You can’t keep a good chipper down.
Stand by for some beautiful new chips from my shopping and trading.

“Chipping forever”


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Convention 2022 a Great Success!
Get well soon
Reggie, you were one of our VOLUNTEERS! Thank you
Re: Convention 2022 a Great Success!
Get Well Soon!!!
Best Wishes to Recover Soon and Wife

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