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Cleaned-up hot-stamp chip... grin

Another unusual chip I found at this year's convention... it's from a casino called "Buffalo Buck" in Regina, Saskatchewan.
The chip was totally covered with ground-in gray dirt and grime (both front and reverse) when I set out to clean it up a bit.
As we all know, you have to be super careful when cleaning a hot stamp chip as the gold foil will wash away very easily.
Many chippers won't even attempt to clean a hot stamp chip - they just let it be.

This example was so covered in schmutz (sp?), you couldn't even tell what the design was unless you looked it up on the
ChipGuide. With a magnifying glass, several Q-Tips, and a minute amount of "Goo Gone" - and about two hours effort -
I was able to clear away much of the dirt. The remaining close-up work right next to the gold foil was cleaned up digitally.
I'm really pleased with the end result - and no gold foil was lost in the process.

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Cleaned-up hot-stamp chip... grin
Nice job, i dont mind cleaning the grime off my
Nice! Did you take before and after scans?
Re: Nice! Did you take before and after scans?

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