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Thanks for the Great Show everyone...

Thanks to everyone that make the summer LV show happen. Cool old chips and friendly faces! What more can you ask for.
After two years out... Henry Garrett was able to make it back to the dealer table for another show, it wasn't easy for him but
he made it happen! Pretty Amazing!

I sold a few chips, bought too many chips, and traded a couple of chips too. Always fun!

Here is an interesting chip that I picked up for $1. Looks like they used the stamp also used on the Sunny Isles Die shown on the guide. The reverse
looks like it says RIVIERA. I'm thinking there needs to be some more research on the FL Sunny Isles... It is probably related to the Riviera.

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Thanks for the Great Show everyone...
The Riviera was located on one of the Sunny Isles
Re: Thanks for the Great Show everyone...

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