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Re: Had A Funny TSA Test
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Lucky me, I had a private screening because I packed my chips in round prescription tube-like recycled medicine bottles that I got from my wife since these bottles are tall with a diameter so the chips fit snug and don't rattle around. They saw the loose chips in a bag, but thought the bottles looked like sticks of dynamite or some kind of explosive. The boss TSA agent had to see for himself. We had a good laugh! Glad they are checking closely and they sent me off with smiles. Good job TSA...I will know better next time. As a side note, TSA agent at our arriving gate in Tyler said he was from Las Vegas and it was noted in some kind of message to his unit that one certain bag had "Poker Chips" The bag had to be re-scanned because we had to overnight in DFW since our flight arrived too late from Las Vegas. So, had to go back through TSA that had a record in their computer. Now, you know these guys are pretty professional to keep tabs on a bag. He told me he had been to South Point years ago for a chip convention and had chips to sell. He was very nice.

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