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Mahalo very much for all your get well
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I will take my second PAXLOVID ritonavir tablets in a few minutes. I was lucky enough to take an at home CV test and it was Positive. I called my Primary doctor asap, because CVS will not get you the PAXLOVID TABLETS unless you just started CV.
My Primary Doctor ordered these CV antivirus tablet for me, because I am 72. I have had and still have heart and immune problems.
In my Hawaii, per week we have 10 to 12 CV related deaths!
I am feeling much healthier. I don't know if that's psych-semantic, because I am safe back home.
Take care,
PS>FYI....Don't go to CVS to pick up your Paxlovid tablets if you have CV. They will tell you to stay away!!!

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I caught COVID-19!!!!
You have to be your own advocate!
Re: I caught COVID-19!!!!
Re: I caught COVID-19!!!!
Re: I caught COVID-19!!!!
Best wishes for a quick recovery
All the 9 nights I was at the SP..
Get Well Soon!!!
Mahalo very much for all your get well
Thank God you are OK!
Quintin, glad that you are on the mend!
Get Well Soon
Re: I caught COVID-19!!!!
Feel better Q.
Quitin - Wishing you a full and speedy recovery!
Re: I caught COVID-19!!!!
Hang in there "Q", Wish a speedy recovery!!
Hope you continue to improve - I tested negative
Get well soon! Everyone should test!
Re: I caught COVID-19!!!!
Feel better my friend!
All the Best for Speedy Recovery!
Feel better.

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