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I caught COVID-19!!!!

OMG! Two days before flying back to HNL, I used one on my "at home" COVID test.
It came out negative for COVID.
I was experiencing none of the COVID symptoms.
Then upon arriving back yesterday, took another "at home" CV test.
This time it read POSITIVE. It showed dark lines on both the C and the T.
I called my Doctor. After answering all his standard CV questions, he call in a prescription for PAXLOVID.
I've taken my first 3 tablet dosage.
4 and a half more days to go.
I have mild symptoms: coughing, runny nose and slight head ache.
Being 72 years old, a Senior with health problems and others in my FAM who also have health issues, I knew I had to call my Doctor asap.
I'm glad I did.
*****I have taken all 4 PFYZER vaccination jags, my most recent was in early May. It was my 2nd Booster.
I'm very sure that if I had not taken any CV Vaccination Jags, and caught CV, I would be in dyer trouble!
Taking all 4 PFYZER shots, I now know that it did not prevent me from getting COV.
It just made my symptoms mild and not life threadening. I hope.
Catching COVID is 100% my fault.
Why? We are very sheltered here in Hawaii.
Most Islanders wear face mask, no shaking of hands, 6 feet social distancing, avoid those who do not wear face mask and avoid entering the Waikiki tourist area.
That is why.....When I saw NO ONE WEARING FACE MASK at the SOUTH POINT, should have stayed in my hotel room!
Oh well I had avoided getting CV for almost 3 years.
Luckily there are CV vaccinations which I have taken, so my CV symptoms are mild.
I know that's like your high school girlfriend, saying she was just a little pregnant.
Thank you all Good Guy Chipp'n Chippers for all your concerns.
Sadly with having Senior very short term memory lost, I will forget what I should have done at the SP for next year.
Aloha and respectfully,
Quintin Kamm

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I caught COVID-19!!!!
You have to be your own advocate!
Re: I caught COVID-19!!!!
Re: I caught COVID-19!!!!
Re: I caught COVID-19!!!!
Best wishes for a quick recovery
All the 9 nights I was at the SP..
Get Well Soon!!!
Mahalo very much for all your get well
Thank God you are OK!
Quintin, glad that you are on the mend!
Get Well Soon
Re: I caught COVID-19!!!!
Feel better Q.
Quitin - Wishing you a full and speedy recovery!
Re: I caught COVID-19!!!!
Hang in there "Q", Wish a speedy recovery!!
Hope you continue to improve - I tested negative
Get well soon! Everyone should test!
Re: I caught COVID-19!!!!
Feel better my friend!
All the Best for Speedy Recovery!
Feel better.

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